Criminal Defense

Our criminal defense practice concentrates on the most serious and complex federal and state crimes in New York and throughout the country.  We have developed a deep understanding and knowledge of the most effective defenses available for our clients, and especially in the white collar area.  

Our work in the white collar area focuses on financial and economic crimes, such as securities fraud, insider trading, bank fraud and money laundering.  Our attorneys have represented clients involved in internal corporate investigations focused on a range of issues, including allegations of criminal anti-trust, Medicaid fraud, embezzlement, international mail and wire fraud and Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA) violations.  We also have deep experience handling other complex white collar crimes such as violations of the False Claims Act, health care fraud and theft of intellectual property (e.g., cybercrimes).  

Our attorneys are aggressive trial lawyers unafraid of doing battle in and out of court.  We have repeatedly demonstrated our skills in defending against serious criminal charges, such as murder, rape, narcotics conspiracy, money laundering, commercial bribery and public corruption across the United States in some of the most high profile cases at the criminal bar.